Vision: Something More than Medicine

Mission: Mercy ~ Justice ~ Relationships

Merciful Medicine

Medicine is an act of mercy, a way that God enacts His healing in the world.  Merciful Medicine represents the dignity of the human person at all states.

Christ-Centered Relationships

We believe that Christ is the ultimate healer and the center of all our relationships.  We honor the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

Scriptural Justice

We believe God calls us to care for all, including those in need, whether physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial.


CARING FOR ALL: We provide care for all who come to us.

ACCOMPANIMENT: We see patients as an integrated body, mind, and spirit and walk with them towards greater health, and wholeness in their lives.

FERTILITY AS A BLESSING: Women will find dignity and identity in embracing, rather than repressing, the gift of fertility.

LOVING THE PATIENT WHILE HATING THE DISEASE: A patient is not defined by their ailments.

FINDING MEANING IN SUFFERING: Even as we strive to alleviate suffering, we can find meaning in it as we unite more deeply with Christ.