Obstetric Services and Midwifery



Prenatal patients are encouraged to rotate through all providers during their pregnancy appointments so they are familiar with the on-call doctor or midwife the day they deliver.


Your prenatal schedule:


6-7 weeks:    Confirmation of pregnancy with pelvic exam and blood work.


8-10 weeks:  Sonogram to confirm gestational age and see a heartbeat. Discuss results, set a due date, review your obstetric history and any risk factors. Routine blood work includes complex blood count, blood type, antibody screen, immunity to Rubella, HIV and Hepatitis B testing.


12 weeks:    Full physical exam includes Pap Test, STI screening, urine culture. Prenatal screening options reviewed. 


16 weeks:    Discuss results of above testing.


20 weeks:    Detailed sonogram to ensure a healthy baby and determine gender (if desired). Discuss your travel plans and physical activity restrictions.


24 weeks:   Order Rhogam shot (if RH-negative). Discuss childbirth classes, signs of preterm labor. 


28 weeks:   Gestational diabetes screen with one hour Glucola and CBC. Second test for HIV, syphilis, and Hep B for those at increased risk. Discuss trial of labor after C-section, Tdap vaccine.


32 weeks:    Discuss 28 week lab results. Discuss birth plan and anesthesia options.


35 weeks:    Group B Strep culture. Discuss breastfeeding and car seat preparation.


37 weeks:    Review signs of labor. Discuss postpartum family planning and postpartum depression.


38 weeks:    Cervical check.


39 weeks:    Cervical check.


40 weeks:    Cervical check. Discuss scheduling induction. 


41+weeks:   Cervical check. Non-Stress Test (fetal heart monitoring) and Amniotic Fluid check. Schedule induction if no labor by 42 weeks. 


At each of the above routine OB visits, we will check your weight, blood pressure, and urine. We will listen for fetal heart tones and measure the size of your uterus. We welcome your family at these appointments, but please use discretion in bringing children to visits that include an exam. 

We provide in-house sonograms including the routine 8-week and 20-week sonograms. We also perform imaging as needed to evaluate a problem. Routine sonograms are not always covered by insurance. Patients will be held responsible for the cost of an uncovered sonogram. For an additional cost, we also offer an optional non-diagnostic 3D/4D ultrasound.

Labor and Delivery


Tepeyac OB/GYN delivers babies at INOVA Fair Oaks Hospital located at 3600 Joseph Siewick Drive in Fairfax, VA. To make your admission to the hospital as easy as possible, please visit inova.org/OBprereg and register through their secure online registration portal. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting the form. We recommend you complete your registration at least 60 days before your expected delivery date. 


Postpartum and follow-up care


Tepeyac recommends a 6-week postpartum appointment after date of delivery. Appointments may be scheduled prior to 6 weeks, if the delivering provider recommends.


Essential Facts About Midwives


Click here for the facts from the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Click here for the Philosophy of Care from the American College of Nurse-Midwives.

Birth Education Class

You and your support person are invited to take part in a one-day birthing class.

In the class, we will cover when to call your doctor, when labor is real, how to labor and deliver with and without an epidural, breathing and relaxation techniques, how your support person will assist you, breastfeeding, some newborn care, postpartum care, and more. After class, you will receive a tour of the maternity floor at Fair Oaks Hospital.

When: Third Saturday of every month

Time: 9:30am – 1:00pm

Location: 3620 Joseph Siewick Drive, Suite 400, Fairfax, VA 22033

Cost: $125/couple

Call 703.273.9440 to schedule.