There is no time more exciting during your pregnancy than seeing your child. It is a moment you will cherish forever.

Using a 3D/4D ultrasound equipment, Tepeyac Baby Pictures allows you to see your precious little one in your womb! Please choose from the following packages offered in our offices:

Gender Reveal

Performed at 15 weeks

Package includes:

15 minute ultrasound session

Uses 2D gender determination


Genesis Package

Performed at 16-20 weeks

Package includes:

20 minute ultrasound

2D gender determination

3D scan of your baby

Receive a flash drive with all pictures from your session


Wonderfully Made Package

Performed at 28-33


Package includes:

20 minute ultrasound session

Uses 3D/4D technology to reveal your baby’s features and movements

Includes photos and video clips

Receive a flash drive with all photos and video


If your baby’s position does not allow for a gender determination scan in the Genesis Package or for a view of his or her face in the Wonderfully Made scan, we will repeat for $5 per session, additional charge. You are welcome to record your baby’s heartbeat during the session or purchase a recording device from us that can you insert into a stuffed animal for a unique keepsake.

Please note that these pictures are not a substitute for regular prenatal diagnostic ultrasounds and are not covered by insurance. Women receiving optional ultrasounds must be under the care of a physician for their prenatal medical care and must provide Tepeyac with a signed note on professional letterhead that your physician has no objection to your receiving this optional ultrasound.

Appointments are available Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-4:00 PM. Call 703.273.9440 to make an appointment. As a courtesy, if you are unable to keep your appointment with Tepeyac, kindly provide 24-hour notice. A $25-50 fee may be charged for cancellations with less than 24-hour notice.


CD of 20-30 photos                          $20

DVD of baby’s movements             $20

Additional 5 photo prints                $10

Heartbeat recording device            $15

Additional flash drive recording     $20