“I am a patient with insurance who has chosen these doctors because of their faith and the value they place on the lives of both the mothers and the babies they serve…I am proud of them and recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone, regardless of their religious beliefs, because they are doctors who can be TRUSTED.  In this day and age, this is becoming more rare.”

“I’m grateful that I can be a patient at Tepeyac with a clear conscience that you protect the dignity of the human person from conception.  A friend in Maryland wishes she could have such support; her doctor advised her to be open to an abortion should tests show she’d have a child with Down Syndrome.”

“What a relief it has been that we are with a practice that doesn’t recommend fertility treatments that would violate our consciences.  Instead, the doctor who cried with us when we lost our first child to miscarriage, also rejoiced with us when, several years later, our daughter was born!  Thank God for his mercy and kindness.”

“I would like to take some time out of our busy schedule to thank all of you for your time and support during [my wife’s] pregnancy. Thank you for taking care of her interpreter needs and ensuring that she was taken care of.”

“I have been a patient with Dr. John for over 8 years.  When I found this practice – I thought I hit the jackpot!  A Catholic OB/GYN who is loving, kind, and shares Christ with you during your visit!  It is so special to have a crucifix in the exam rooms and to see Our Lady of Guadalupe in the waiting room.  These are all special touches that I have loved, but most importantly I have always felt the warmth and love of Dr. John.  I sometimes call him ‘Fr. John’ because I feel that way as he talks with me during appointments.”


“Dear all good people of Tepeyac, thank you for all your care, help and attention during my pregnancy.  My son has become my new joy of life and he wouldn’t be here without all your help.  Thank you, Dr. Bruchalski, Dr. Anderson, and Dr. Fisk, who made sure that I have a healthy baby.  All the staff, all your help will always be remembered.  God bless you all.”



“[Dr. A] was concerned that I seemed very run down.  I told her ‘I’m surviving.’  She said, ‘We are not trying to survive, we are trying to create life!  We can do better.”  I left with more than just a prescription that would dramatically improve my nausea, but with a sense that someone saw a soul trying to cooperate with God in the only chance in life we have to create with him.”